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Other Applications

Once you control the climate over a piece of ground, your options are almost unlimited. Entire communities can be built undercover; think combination Construction Camp and 4-star resort!

Open fields can be covered to create stadiums for sports or entertainment; Domes have been designed to cover Nascar style race tracks.

A very useful application is to add a year round outdoor park to an existing building; this provides a healthy 'outdoor' play area for children, or a walking, relaxation and garden area for seniors to remain active.

A light show or signage can be projected on the inside of our lightweight cover and display a billboard or message on the outside for advertising.

A 10,000 sq. ft. dome was erected in California, complete with an indoor pool, gym, kitchen, living and sleeping facilities. A couple and their family lived in it for several months.

Perhaps a covered RV park?

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