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Our Technology

Airwise technology was an innovation in air supported structures. Developed by Goodyear, it mimics the structure of a radial tire; a thin barrier of lightweight fabric is secured between high strength cables so that 90% of the fabric load is transferred to the cables.

This format is directly responsible for the advantages we have over other air supported technologies. (see list)

The first ESI Domes were designed as greenhouses. It was found that a translucent cover diffused the light, creating a shadow free, very even lighting, better than window clear vinyl or glass and frame greenhouses.

It soon became apparent there were opportunities in many markets and industries; almost any outdoor activity is better in a climate controlled space; almost any indoor activity can be enhanced and the experience improved, if enclosed in a naturally lit and ventilated space that mimics the outdoors.

The founders of ESI were engineers and loved solving problems. As such, they dedicated their efforts to creating solutions for unique situations across many markets. Economies of scale and duplication that could reduce costs and maximize margins, were rarely considered if something caught their interest.

Efforts by Airscape and Airwise are directed at leveraging this knowledge base into more common applications where more consistent profits are available.

                         Airwise Features & Benefits: Top 10!

  1. An Airwise structure saves time & money; prefabricated one piece can be erected in less than a day.

  2. Domes, up to 40,000 sq. ft., with the entire electrical/mechanical system, ready for installation, can be shipped in a single container. 'Building in a Box'!

  3. With lighter easier to handle materials, installation can be quick and simple.

  4. An Airwise structure can be made of temporary or long life materials, single or double layer.

  5. Airwise maximize passive solar gain for both heat and light; double layer cover still allows over 90% over natural light to pass. Great for plant health!

  6. Low Pressure system is easy to ventilate, reducing cooling costs and supporting healthy, 'outdoor' climate.

  7. Low pressure system; lighter cover; airlocks are not required.

  8. Airwise structures have no known size limit. Clear Span, no interior barriers.

  9. An Airwise structure is readily adaptable in many applications.

  10. The larger the Airwise, the more cost effective it becomes.

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