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Company Evolution

In the late 60's, a group of engineers in Goodyear's R & D department devised an innovative and proprietary system for the design and assembly of air supported structures. In the mid 70's, Goodyear determined they were not in the building business. They sold the technology to some of the engineers who were part of the original development group. 

Environmental Structures Inc was established to further develop and promote the system. ESI operated until 2008, designing and manufacturing over 130 unique structures.

In 2005, a second company was set up to work with ESI. Airscapes LLC was initially a sales and marketing company, working with ESI in a collaborative basis.


The owners and management of ESI were well past normal retirement and a decision was made to transfer the technology and entire business from ESI to Airscapes.

We started working with ESI/Airscapes in 2009 while they were still in transition.

More recently, Environeta Solutions Inc and Airscapes have been working to modernize the ESI systems, and create a more market oriented direction for the company.

Today, Environeta and Airscapes share the international rights and responsibilities. Depending on where the contact originated, the product is Marketed by Airwise Structures in Canada, and Airscapes LLC in the USA.

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