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(a wholly owned division of Environeta Solutions Inc)

Airwise Structures is your Canadian source for low pressure, large format, air supported structures. We put you in control of your own piece of nature. Natural turf and trees thrive in the controlled climate creating true park-like settings.

Natural light, heat and air combine to make these under cover facilities truly livable space. Passive solar absorption and complete control over the air that can be changed several times per hour reduce servicing, construction and operating costs dramatically. 
With free-span capabilities in excess of 1000 feet and no known size limit these are the ideal solution for winter free sports facilities, exhibition centers, recreational additions to schools, resorts or retirement homes, or to cover an entire residential community.


Airwise Structures Inc has been established to provide affordable, state of the art air supported structures to the Canadian and international markets. Airwise is a subsidiary of Environeta Solutions Inc (see link below), a technology development and marketing company.    


Although a young company, Airwise and its technology have a long and proud history going back 50 years to some of the first innovations in air supported buildings and technology. Building on this resource of technology, we have used modern materials, components, design and manufacturing systems to create a 'best of class' product and service. Airwise is able to support a number of formats and applications unavailable from any other air supported supplier.



Preconstruction Planning

All of our design experts have actual field and project experience. Once we have a general idea of your project and plans, we will assign a consultant to help with your pre-project planning. There are a host of items to be considered during this phase; site restrictions, prevailing climate, regulatory environment, site and soil conditions and more. Once we have determined that an Airwise Structure will meet your needs, we will work with you to create a Dome and project design specific to your site, your budget and your application.


Our architectural and engineering team is made up of experienced professionals, many of whom worked with the original creators of the technology. They will work with you and your project manager to provide full architectural and engineering drawings for your Airwise Structure, from the foundation up, to meet all local, state and federal requirements. In some cases, it may be of benefit to have our team provide design services for your entire project. Any additional services provided will be on an industry competitive fee basis.


Typically, installation is done by local sub-contractors and labor, working for your project manager. Airwise will provide a factory trained technician to consult on site during installation. In some cases, Airwise may provide complete installation and commissioning service on a cost plus basis. Foundation and infrastructure schedules are generally determined by the availability of trades in a timely manner. Installing the cover takes 1 - 2 days with 10 - 12 semi-skilled laborers.


100' x 400' Dome next to Conventional Greenhouse.

Arctic Turbine Construction Project Cover: Temperatures as low as -65 F!

40,000 sq. ft. Multi-Sports Complex: Football Practice!

Warehouse: Auction ring & show room with stage, seating, etc. Note vehicle tracks. With Airwise superior ventilation, exhaust from vehicles is not a concern.

Alaska Industrial Resources         Morrison Knudsen Corporation

US Navy                                         Motorola, Inc.

American Crystal Sugar Co.         NASA Kennedy Space Center

Batelle Laboratories                     Nova, Inc.

B. F. Goodrich                               New York Power Authority

Bechtel Power Corporation           O. H. Materials

Cedar Point                                   Pink Floyd

Compliance Laboratories

Fluor Daniels, Chile, S.A.

Portland Oregon YMCA

Cragun's Conference Center & Lodge Ralston Purina Company

Disney World                                           Randall Corporation

Dresser Engineering                               R. G. Smith Company

Phillips Petroleum                                   A. E. Staley Company

Exploration Products                               Pittsburgh Plate Glass

20th Century Fox                                     TRC Midwest Contractors

Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.                   Thunder Bay Forest Station

Towsend & Bottom

Foster Wheeler Corporation                       Pennsylvania Power Company

General Electric, Somerset, KY                 3M Company

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.                     TRW

Kokosing Construction Co.                     U. S. Department of Agriculture

Memphis Tennessee YMCA                     Vesta Technology

McKee / Otto (Davy McKee)                     Weyerhauser Company

Bethlehem Steel                                         Westinghouse Electric Corp.

List of Clients

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